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Wilson Genetic Testing

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Cannabis and Hemp sex testing kit.

Unlock the power of genetic testing with ease! Commonwealth Canna and Wilson Genetic Testing proudly offer a simple, efficient solution for home growers and breeders alike. With just a leaf sample taken 10 days after germination, you can determine the gender of your plants. Our kits can be shipped as needed and do not need to be redeemed all at once, providing flexibility for your cultivation process. Each kit includes a contact card for easy communication, and results will be sent via email or text, according to your preference. Please ensure clean leaf samples, free of dirt or particles, and if plants have been sprayed with anything other than water, simply find a new leaf, wash it with distilled water, and repeat the process 2-3 times for accurate results. Shipping to you is included, and return shipping is available with a pre-made label. Experience the convenience and reliability of Commonwealth Canna and Wilson Genetic Testing today!